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It is a challenge to choose a right career. It has to be an informed choice. This decision will make or mar the entire adult life of an individual. Taking a critical look at various streams/professions available, carefully evaluating pros and cons of every option and then pick the best needs meticulous planning followed by precise execution. Are you ready for this exciting journey? We are glad to be with you in this extremely important moment of your life.

Where do we begin? Let us make it very simple. There are two things which determine the outcome of this exercise. One is your temperament. Every person is unique. He/she is programmed in such a way that makes him/her more suited for some of the professions and less suited for the rest. The other factor is your passion. If you are strongly inclined towards a particular field, no matter what the impediments are, you will excel if you pursue your heart’s calling. If this combination of head and heart is aligned properly, synchronised with the career roadmap, you will have a fruitful professional life, otherwise contact resume writers online.

Psychometric tests give a fair indication of your suitability for a particular profession. Write as many of them as possible. We will provide links for some of the free online tests.

Have a brainstorming session with your parents, teachers and wellwishers. Zero-in on career streams which you will seriously consider for detaled analysis and arrive at final shortlist of choices.

We will provide you detailed information about any of the six professions listed below.

It will be comprehensive containing

Our fee for this Professional Service will be based on the requirements of each student collected in response to our Standard Questionaire. Amount has to be remited thro’ online payment. We will need five working days after receiving the payment to prepare and e-mail this customised content to you. Please note that this is a one-time personalised online career counseling service.

If you are in agreement with this process, let us move forward together.



Comprehensive Course for Career Planning & Development delivered in Email format in 25 instalments. Ideal for students in VIII, IX, X, XI & XII std., customised as per the individual needs. For early bird offer, reach us ASAP.

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