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CHOOSERIGHTCAREER is a platform providing students an effective interface to their professional goals. We are committed to help them draw up a road map for career destination. We encourage to ask, understand and then explore the career options available to them. We will be frank with them, encourage them to be realistic and do an honest SWOT analysis

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” How profetic! Wish it were that simple to make up one’s mind.

Biggest impediment for the student to take a decision is the ocean of information on anything and everything related to career. They need help to analyse this data scientifically and make informed choices regarding their future profession. Stakes are very high. It is a make or mar moment.

Our team brings to the table decades of experience in providing career guidance to thousands of students. We have a rich treasure of well researched data which is being updated on a continuous basis. For us every day is a learning experience. Our Subject Matter Experts have fine tuned the Delivery Mechanism in providing comprehensive information regarding their respective field.

We have migrated recently from conventional face-to-face Career Counseling to Online Mode so as to improve our Quality of Deliverables as we have the flexibility to plan as we go along and execute at the right moment. It also enhances our reach and scale up to a global level.

We are continuosly updating our career related data so as to provide the latest information to the student. Each enquiry is treated as unique and studied by all the team members so as to prepare a customised package. We are very conscious of our target audience – students – and charge very reasonable fee for our services. It is surely Value for Money proposition.

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